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Flyer one 2021, explorer wing, Epp board, 65cm mast (150hrs use)


eFoiling is the watersports sensation of the moment and is perfect for an active and relaxing day on the water. Experience surfing an eFoil without needing waves or wind. But what is it exactly? An eFoil is a surfboard with an electrically powered fin, called a hydrofoil, that lets you fly over the water at up to 30km/h. eFoiling is accessible to everyone, young and old, no surfing experience or yes. It’s easier than it looks, because within an hour everyone is on their feet. Fun guaranteed and the feeling of flying is magical!

Waydoo Flyer One Efoil


    Be More Viking!

    An inner Viking screaming to get out, a brave warrior thirsting for adventure. To challenge that what is, claim new territory, and reap treasure of the mind and Sea.

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