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Our Story

Established 2021 in the UK, just off ‘the Viking way’ in a small village called Thoresway. Water sports and exploration have always been a passion, Wing foiling combines the two very well. For us foiling sports open doors that other water sports do not. The reduced limits on where and in what conditions one can go and do it; be it a lake, off shore winds, very light winds, very strong winds or pure surf foiling on non-perfect waves. In our opinion foiling is the future.


We aim to function as the door into the start of your foiling journey. So please come in, take your shoes off and make yourself at home.

Our mission is to make foiling more accessible.

We aim to do this by:

  1. Providing lessons inland on a lake at the best price.

  2. Creating a strong community for foilers to connect and grow together.

  3. Providing the best advice and equipment for rental, demo and sale in our shop.

  4. Facilitating Viking Verde lifestyle foiling camps

  5. Hosting Viking Voyages (endurance foiling challenges) for one to test the limits of the sport and the self.


About WingFoiling

Winging, Wingfoiling and Wingsurfing are all terms that have been used as a name for this new and high in demand sport. We like to call it ‘Winging’ as it is less of a mouthful. Winging is a combination of windsurfing and kiting. Blowing up in Hawaii, winging uses a handheld inflatable sail to power up a foil. This exciting new sport was born in 2018, and has been labelled the fastest growing water sport. 

This is due to the speed and ease of equipment setup compared to other wind sports. You need a wing, board and foil. The learning curve is steep which means its uncomfortable but you arrive at your destination quickly.


The beauty of wing foiling is that you can practice in a broad range of weather conditions and locations meaning you can almost take this to any body of water on planet earth.




The Lake

The lake is the welcome mat, the gentle introduction, the safe place to start. Not only this but it’s our base and the heart of the community. Once one has gained the necessary skills and knowledge one can step into the sea. Of course one can jump straight into the sea, no one’s stopping you but this is the first stage in our system.

Rent & Buy Kit

Once one has taken lessons we offer kit rental at affordable prices, if one is ready to buy kit we can source from some of the best brands or we may have some second hand options too.


The Camp

The camps are an opportunity to get really intimate with other foilers from different backgrounds in amazing locations, sharing the stoke and knowledge. Learning from each other

The Voyage

The final stage in our system is an endurance based foiling challenge. In November 2022 we completed our first Viking Voyage from the Isles of Scilly to Lands End. We want this to become a challenge one can participate in with the opportunity to test skills, find out what you are really made of and what’s really possible.


Be More Viking!

What does that mean? We honour a once great people now no longer, or are they? Do they still live among us, inside us? In you? An inner Viking screaming to get out, a brave warrior thirsting for adventure. To challenge that what is, claim new territory, and reap treasure of the mind and Sea. Vikings had their long boats and we have our foils, in some translations Viking means to explore by sea and this is exactly what we intend to do. You in?

Our Values

Embrace Challenge

We are not going to lie to you foiling is not easy we have however done are best to make it as easy as possible by starting out on a lake; a safe, flat water environment. Nevertheless only through embracing challenge can we learn and grow.

Have Fun


Thankfully Foiling is extremely fun, once one gets up onto the foil you fly silently above the water, the feeling is best described as absolute freedom.


What’s possible in these foiling sports.

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