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02 hero 

7 Hour course

Zero to Hero course (02Hero) – A complete 7-hour course that will teach you everything you need to learn to Wing foil and gain full independence.

This means by the end of the course you should know all about the equipment, the different brands out there, what you need, where to buy it and how much it should cost, explore our shop here.


Furthermore you should have the skills and knowledge to judge a spot and decide whether it is safe and possible to get foiling in. Independence is important because from here you can teach yourself saving you money and giving you the freedom to progress where and when you want at your own pace.


We cannot guarantee that you will be up and foiling around by the end of the course but we have found that most people are and this is why the course is 7 hours. Upon completion of the course we can rent or sell you kit to practice for the winter Camp Viking Verde with us, you are now apart of the community lets go #Bemoreviking.

This course buys you 4 sessions and we recommend following the following order however if there is no wind no problem you can use your efoiling token or we can do it as an alternative activity.

  • 1x wing surf lesson (2Hrs)

  • 1x efoiling lesson (1Hr)

  • 2x wing foiling lesson (2Hrs)


How does it work?

  • Buy the course, save 15%

  • Receive a code you can use in our eola booking system to redeem your sessions, click ‘I have a pass’

  • Book your 4 sessions when suits you, you have 12 months to redeem your sessions but we recommend completing in 1 month if possible.


Start your journey


Viking Foils-3_edited.jpg


1.5 Hour session

Efoiling e for electricity e for easy .


This session is a great stand alone activity and also a great means to understand the foil without worrying about the wind and the wing. Most people can master it in just one session which makes it extremely accessible and very fun.


The aim of this session is to take those with minimal or no watersports experience and introduce them to foiling.


The Efoil is a great tool for teaching Wingfoiling. Experience shows that almost anyone can stand up within half an hour. This means young, old, big, small, surfing experience and no surfing experience you can be foiling around sitting down or standing up within 1 session.


If you have not felt the feeling of foiling this is your chance to get in on this new exhilarating sport.


WINg Surfing

2 hour session

If you want to learn wing surfing, this intro lesson is a great way to start. This lesson is suitable for beginners or those with little foiling experience.


You will join a small group (no more than 4 students) for a 2 hour session that covers the basics. You will practice how to use the wing on land and then move on to the water, where you will ride a SUP board and feel the wind power in your wing.


VikingFoils (22).heic

WINg foil

2 hour session

Following the BKSA syllabus this lesson is aimed at those who have previous Wingsurfing experience and are ready to progress on to the foil, or those who have foiling skills in another water sport such as kiting, windsurfing, surf/sup foiling. 


You will join a small group (no more than 4 students) for a 2 hour session that focuses on this transition. You will learn how to glide on the water with the wing and the foil!


Stithians lake is the perfect place to learn to foil with flat water meaning there are no under water disturbances such as waves. This is also the safest location in the UK being the only inland Foiling school, we teach using a safety boat allowing us to provide a hands on approach.


We also anchor up if necessary to demonstrate techniques.



Why We Are Confident

  • We teach on the windiest inland lake in the UK, Stithians lake. Google it!

  • Full dedication to the study and evolution of foiling sports

  • Brand-new school equipment

  • Free expert advice and demo centre

  • State of the art Waydoo Efoils

  • The best location in the SW

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