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The AXIS PNG 1300 wing was designed to dominate the smallest foiling conditions. From the lightest wind WING Surfing, to tiny bumps SUP and SURF foiling, and effortless lift behind the BOAT, the AXIS 1300 performs like no other high aspect wing ever dreamed of. The amount of glide and pumping ability of the AXIS 1300 is tremendous. This is a very high aspect ratio wing. at nearly 10 Aspect Ratio, this is a very special wing, designed for endless glides.

The AXIS PNG 1300 carbon wing connects to the red fuselages with 3 x M8, 20mm screws. At 1300mm wingspan the AXIS 1300 is a massive wing, over twice as stiff as the 1010, benefiting from the AXIS PNG rigidity and stiffness of engineering and construction.

As with every AXIS front wing, the graphics on the wings give you all possible measurements, and for 2021 we added the Aspect Ratio on the wings, so you can best compare and also quickly swap pieces or get new accessories for your foil.

AXIS PNG 1300 Carbon Wing

Technical Data:

WINGSPAN: 1300 mm / 51 inches

MAX CHORD: 180mm, 7inches


ACTUAL AREA 1712 square cm / 265 square inches

PROJECTED AREA: 1700 square cm / 263 square inches

VOLUME: 1895 cubic cm / 116 cubic inches

Recommended use:

WING Surfing for all levels and the lightest possible conditions

Downwinding - Lightest wind / smaller waves

SUP / Surf - Tiny bumps and endless gliding

Wake foiling - Early lift / easiest pump

Pump Foiling - Endless

Windsurf foiling - very early and super easy lift


AXIS PNG - 1300 - Carbon Hydrofoil wing

SKU: AX22PNG1300

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